Fatigue is among the most common conditions that affect most teenagers and adults. The most obvious cure for this condition is having enough sleep every night of about eight solid hours or having a quick nap in the daylight. For the record, studies show that most people do not get enough quality sleep that they require to have optimal energy and liveliness throughout the day. Lack of sufficient energy is the main reason that most people prefer consuming energy drinks which have become so prevalent and ubiquitous.

drfgvhbzThe problem is that most of these energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Various medical researchers have also stated that most of these energy drinks are another form of stimulant. They contain some sorts of drugs that can stimulate the central nervous system, cause rapid heart rate and can increase blood pressure they are much like stimulant drugs.There is another alternative to promote energy in a natural and healthy way. That is through a balanced diet that provides real, all natural and lasting energy to keep your body active throughout the day.

Here are the best four quality snacks to boost your energy

Non-fat Greek yogurt

esdfdcxghfghThis high-quality, nutritious snack is mainly composed of protein, making it a healthy snack to satisfy your in-between-meals hunger. It stays longer in the stomach, therefore providing a steady supply of energy that makes you feel full and energized for longer.


This spicy paste offers a good source of plant-based protein which will help to keep you going between meals. Hummus is filled with more carbohydrates and proteins than any other plant-based protein. It also contains high levels of amino acids such as cysteine, lysine, and methionine. If you want a quality snack to boost your energy, I highly recommend hummus.


Egg yolks have high levels of essential B-Vitamins, which are capable of converting food in your body into Vitamin D. This will help in building and maintaining strong bones. Hard-boiled eggs also give the right balance of fats and protein needed to sustain energy levels that help give you the boost needed.

Strawberry dessert

essdfdfghNuts and seeds are good sources of protein and omega-3 that provide sustainable energy. Strawberries have energizing B-vitamins like phosphorus and copper. These are very important for breaking down excess starch into glucose which the body uses for energy. Other quality snacks to boost your energy are sunflower seeds, honey to diced strawberries and chopped walnuts.