When it comes to shaving the hair surrounding the anus, some people think that it is not really necessary because this area cannot be seen by the public in the first place. Also, the hair helps minimize friction while keeping the anal region dry. But on the other hand, there are individuals who shave their bums to make their private parts look and feel a lot cleaner. For them, having hair around the anus is uncomfortable, and it attracts more bad bacteria that may cause anal problems.

Hair on the buttocks

hgdhd64A lot of men have hair on their buttocks, and shockingly, some women have too. It is but a natural thing. However, just like what was mentioned earlier, this can cause discomfort. That is why more and more people are spending time in the bathroom just to groom themselves particularly their private parts. In fact, this is one of the first steps that you have to do if you want to get rid of the dark color around the anal region (through anal bleaching).

The benefits of shaving your bum

There are many benefits that you can enjoy if you opt to get rid of the hair on this part of your body. First of all, it helps a lot in maintaining good hygiene. There will be less stragglers, and you will definitely have smoother skin. Also, you will be able to achieve a more defined and contoured look of your ass.

How to shave safely?

In order for you to shave safely, it is important that you have the proper equipment. Otherwise, you may end up with skin irritation, or you may even cut yourself down there.

So, make sure that you have a new razor blade, pre-shave oil, and shaving cream. As much as possible, use the unscented ones as they are milder and you won’t have to worry about harsh effects on your skin. It is also crucial that you have a razor bump treatment.

The procedure

hd64Before anything else, you need to wash your anus thoroughly. Wet the razor blade using cold water and start shaving following the direction of the hair growth. You have to be very careful and don’t press the blade too hard against the skin. A mirror would be useful too so you can see the areas that you need to shave.

Once you are done getting rid of all the hair, rinse the skin and pat it dry. Use the razor bump treatment to speed up the healing process. You can also apply talc to make the skin soft.