Anal itching, also termed as “Pruritus Ani”, is one of the most common ailments that involve the anus and the skin that surrounds it. A lot of people who are suffering from this condition feel embarrassed about it, and so, it is left untreated. However, this may result in a more serious problem.

Therefore, there is nothing that you need to be ashamed of if you are experiencing anal itching. The best thing that you can do is to visit a doctor so you will be provided with the proper treatment.

Symptoms and Causes

hgdhgd4How can you determine if you are, indeed, suffering from Pruritus Ani? First of all, you will notice irritation in the rectal area. This gives you the urge to scratch. Some people think that scratching relieves the itching, but actually, it is aggravating the situation. In worst cases, anal itching may cause great discomfort, soreness, and burning.

This condition is caused by the increased moisture in the anal region. If you wear clothes that are too tight, or if you sit for a long time, the tendency is that your skin down there gets rubbed. This also puts too much pressure on the area.

Furthermore, anal itching is also caused by the chemicals and preservatives in the food that you eat or even the contents of the anal products that you use particularly when you are bleaching your anus. This, too, is one of the manifestations if you have pinworms or if you are suffering from other anal problems such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

How to relieve anal itching

Aside from seeking the help of a doctor, there are also remedial measures that you can do to relieve anal itching. In fact, you can even do this on your own.

Take a look at the following:

Maintain good hygiene

Poor hygiene is the number one cause of itching. With that being said, it is very important that you practice good hygiene at all times. Change your underwear every day or as needed. You also need to clean the anus itself as well as the surrounding area. When doing so, use cotton balls and warm water.

Avoid scented toilet paper

As much as possible, use unscented toilet paper when you use the restroom. This is because the scented ones contain chemicals that can cause irritation and rashes. The same is true with soaps with strong fragrances.

Use ointments

ghdhgd64In order to relieve the discomfort, there are ointments that you can apply to the affected area. This will help soothe the skin and prevent the itch from spreading.